Hubby is gone for awhile

There is my hubby looking at the creek. We all went for a walk last Sunday after church. It was really nice. We didn't realize then it would be our last walk before he left for his new job. We thought we had another week. We had several things planned out for his last week here. But yesterday, they called. They had an opening for him if he was ready to come now. So of course he told them yes. We have really been struggeling over the last few months. Thankfully God is on our side. He has been watching over us. I know that we are struggeling right now, but God has a purpose for it. And we believe that God will walk by our sides through everything. For this trip he will be gone for 2 weeks. Then he will be home for a day or two. When he leaves next time he will be gone for a month. It is going to be hard with him gone for so long, but we will be ok. With everything we have gone through over the last few months; our faith has grown stronger.

Here is Kyra, she has on her Dads hat. Although he dosn't know it. LOL! He forgot to take it with him, and she found it. She has decided it is hers untill he comes home.


janice said...

that must be so hard for you all!

janice said...

PS - she sure looks good in that hat though - fits her well! :)