Meet Jo and Meg - Treasure Tuesday

Here they are. Two of my china dolls. I made these with my grandma when I was about 8 or 9 years old. They are my favorite dolls. Other than Emily.(Emily is in the doll hospital) The cloths they are wearing now are not the originals from when we made them. These dolls somehow survvived a house fire about 10 years ago. Atleast there heads, hands and feet did. I sent them to my Grandma who made them new bodys, and new cloths. Emily is still with her. She will take more time to finish. She was brought over to the US on a big boat from England. She came over with someone from our family many years ago and has been handed down through the generations. Someday she will go to my daughter Kyra. But for now she is at Grandmas house being taken care of.See other treasures here: http://www.faithfulmommy.typepad.com/

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Faith said...

OHMYWORD!!!!!! They are just beautiful! I am stunned. What a treasure indeed. thanks for sharing!!!