My hubby made it home

Yeah!!! He made it home. He graduated top in his class. We are so proud of him!!!! We sure did miss him while he was away at training. He was gone for almost 3 weeks. He is now in his second part of training. He is on the road with his TE(training Engineer) He is a Bulk Trailer Driver.

Today he is heading to Durham, NC. He might be home tonight. We aren't sure yet. If he is it means another early morning for me. LOL! Had toget up at 2am to take him to work. Thankfully it isn't all that far from home. It only took a little over an hour.

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janice said...

gosh - that must be tough! so glad he is home now though and that he did well!

so good of you to have such a great attitude about getting up to drive. that must hurt at 2am!!