Snowflakes and Trees

Here is Ms Kyra wearing her new Skater hat . This hat was a lot of fun to make. It works up really easy. And all the kids love them. No problem getting them to wear there hats now. You can find this hat pattern here.
Thank you Colleen for such a great hat pattern.

Well it has been snowing at my house. Not outside, but inside. I am working on
Snowflake afghan. And it is working up so easy. And it is looking really good so far. I havn't decided what I want to do with it when it is finished. I may give it to a friend from Church for Christmas. You can find the pattern to this beautiful afghan here.

Also here is a picture of our Christmas tree lit up. We don't have much in the way of decorations this year. Most of them were lost and/or destroyed in the recent moves that we have had to make. I am not sure how it happened, but the lights slid in this picture and they kind of look like ice cicle spears or something like that.(By the way,don't forget to click on the picture to see it large sized and get the full effects of what the lights did) But really they are just the normal everyday little lights. We decided to buy a real tree for this year, and we are so happy with it. Even though it dosn't stand perfectly straight, it has turned out soooo pretty. Last year we used a fake one and just wern't that happy with it. You need to really shop around to find a good fake tree. I know I have seen some really pretty ones out there. But most of them we couldn't afford.

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