Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme
Ok, so finally it is all put away. I tackeled the yarn mass and won!
Some of it I sold.
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Some of the odd skeins and partal used ones are now rolled into balls. These ones I am using to make my Stripey afghan.
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And the rest is stored in rubbermade totes.
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This is what it looks like inside one of the totes.
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Gina said...

Love the yarn stash! So pretty and organized!

One of my goals this winter is to knit through my stash or at least make an attempt at it. Yeah listen to me. This will work out great until I'm bored one day and end up at the LYS.

Crystal said...

That has got to be the biggest yarn stash I have seen yet! I would love to learn to knit, but I do so many hobbies already, I don't have time for another new one.

Debbie said...

And I thought my yarn stash was huge! Don't you love Tupperware containers! They are the best for storage! Great job done!

Thanks for stopping by yesterday! Hope your Wednesday is wonderful!

Barbara H. said...

Wow! That's a lot of yarn! Have fun with it! Great tackle -- it makes such a difference when our craft stuff is organized.

I didn't get my tackles done and posted until last night.

KnicKnac said...

Oh yes! You did GREAT! I love your stash, it rivals mine! I bow to your greatness.