the Weekend is here!

Yeah! It is Friday, and the weekend is here. I will be picking up my husband in the morning. He will be home untill Tuesday morning. I can't wait to go pick him up. And of course the kids are excited also.
I made stuffed chicken for dinner tonight. It turned out really good and the kids loved it.
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I have also won a few things on Ebay recently. I was sooo happy to get these. I am always looking for neat things for my hair. These are my Flamingo Pink/Ebony hairsticks. they are an Ozarktwist, and they hold my hair up well.
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And this is my new Barrette. It is a Greydog. I just love the look of this.
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Eric started mowing the lawn tonight and hit a rock with the mower. No, the mower didn't break. Phew!!! But when the rock flew up it scared a bird. She was acting crazy. She looked like she had a broken wing, and kept sqawken at us. So we looked around, and originally thought that the rock had hit her. But that was not the case. We found her next. It is right there on the front lawn. She was trying to distract us from her nest. There were 4 speckeled eggs in there. :)
We looked it up in our book on birds and found out that it was a Killdeer. She didn't want us to hurt her eggs. So we put something near the nest so that we wouldn't run it over with the lawnmower. Eric actully went to mow in a different area after that. It took her a long time to settle down. But she finally did. So for the next month or so we will have to be really carefull. And I guess we will have a tall patch of grass there for awhile. Thats ok though. It sure will be fun seeing the baby birds in a few weeks.


Amie said...

I love the clips and hair stitcks! I have that seller on Ebay bookmarked because I've been meaning to buy something from them. They have lovely crochet hooks!

mom4x said...

WOW.. Can I come to dinner next time? Its looks delicious....lol..
Your clip and hair sticks are beautiful.