Back to School

Wow! It is so hard to believe that it is only a few more weeks untill school starts up again. We are getting ready here. This weekend was Tax free so we ran out to do a little bit of shopping for school supplys. Papers,pens, pencils, folders, binders, and all that fun stuff. I have also been shopping around here on Etsy.
Here are a few of my back to school finds from Etsy
From Deadworry is this pretty owl bag. What a cute bag for carrying your school supplys in.
From Goobernana is this super cute pencil pouch.
journal, Red Otter
From Red Otter a great little journal. A great way to write down things about your thoughts on school and friends. :)
Ok, so that is all my finds for now. I am going to keep on looking for more. I hope everyone else finds some great back to school buys on Etsy. :)

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Ashlee said...

Nice backpacks..! Well, I have planned to get tax free school supplies on tax holiday weekend.