My new yarns, Hannah

Ok recently I bought some new yarns to try out. I bought them all at 3 different shops that I found on Etsy.

The first one is Sahara by Mustkeepknitting. It is a nice light fall color in WW wool. I have a total of 220 yards in this one.

The next one is Gumption by Fatkatknits. It is 75% SW Merinowool, 25%nylon, sock yarn. I have 440 yrds.


And the last one is Tomatoe Green Bean Salad by Knittydirtygirl.It is WW wool, and is 220 yards.
I havn't decided what to make with them yet. Any ideas? The only thoughts I have had so far is scarves.

Hannah update- We are getting some rain and wind from her now. But nothing bad. This is just from the outter bands of the storm. She should actully make landfall around midnight tonight.


Patti said...

Very pretty yarns. I wish I could let myself spend what some ppl charge, lol. We only have one store that sells yarn like that and their hours are limited. Have fun with your new yarns!!

ThePeachTree said...

Yum yum yum! That last one looks tasty enough to eat!