Spiders and Spider Web

Last night my husband and I were outside and spotted a huge spider between our swing and the tree. We went up to get a closer look. (ICK!!) The spider was buildings its web. As much as I dislike spiders, it was so neat to watch this spider build the web. It had a little glob of silk in the center. From there it started out going up and down and then back and forth across. It then moved to the center and started making its circles, conecting all of the cross threads. If you click on the picture to see it full size you can see a little more detail.
Now getting picture of a moving spider, in the evening is very hard. None of these pictures turned out that great. But above you can somewhat see the spider.


Joansie said...

Must have been very interesting though I don't like spiders.

MySweetThree said...

Spiders give me the creeps and while I don't want to be near them, I have that same interest of watching them build there web..presuming that I am at a safe distance, ha ha!