We had a visitor

Over the weekend, we had a visitor. And it wasn't a very friendly visitor.





Our cat Jonah, was trying to get him. But every time he would get close the snake would try and get him too. So I took the hoe and got rid of the snake. He is still alive out there somewhere, just not in my front yard now.
*If you look close in the 2nd picture in the top corner you can see Jonah trying to get closer to the snake.


Jill L said...

That is one unwelcome visitor!

ThePeachTree said...

Holy Cow!!

Karen said...

Yikes! Kitty... stay away from snakes!

MySweetThree said...

Yikes is right!! I think I would have peed my pants!!

Joansie said...

OMG, if I had a visitor like that in my yard, I would be in the next county in two minutes. Was it a poisonous one?

Vinyl Rocks My World said...

Ooooh! I do not like snakes! My cat used to try to go after them too. We have a pool in the backyard as well, so the snakes like to hang around. No fun!