Rainy Day

The rain has finally made it here. Can you see it in the photo? Its a nice day to stay inside and get some crochet done.


I just finished a new set of dishcloths this morning. I made them with Peaches and Cream Cotton in Shaded Browns. I thought the color turned out really nice.


Joansie said...

Yes, you are correct. The colors to the washcloths are beautiful. Did you notice that the colors are just about the same as your beautiful pic above?

CraftedFromTheHeart @ Etsy said...

Lovely as usual. The colors seem to pop off the page.

Lenni said...

Wow... Those colors are amazing.

It's rainy here too. And still busy at work, too!

ThePeachTree said...

I love how rain seems to mist out the day :) Puts everything in a bit of a fog.

I LOVE that color!! Exactly how you had described it but I couldn't picture it until now!

Julia said...

These images are perfect together :) I love the look of the rain!

YOU were the one who mentioned that Christmas was 6 weeks away :) How tricksy of you, getting us all excited about that :)


Cindy said...

Oh, what beautiful colors! I also wanted to congratulate you for making it to the front page with your treasury at Etsy! Way to go!

moxylyn said...

Very nice colors and it looks so soft. It's raining here off and on too.