Etsy Finds!

This beautiful necklace comes with a vintage button closure that is 50+ years old.

Annabelle Earrings
These beautiful earrings would make an amazing Valentines gift for a loved one.

PoleStar Jewlery Blog

From GetReadySetGo

Upcycled Mustard Yellow Vintage Train Case
Getting ready to take a short trip? this train case would make a cute carrying case for your items. And for all of my crochet and knitting friends. Wouldn't this make the cutest case to hold your favorite hooks and needles???

Upcycled Black Carry On Travel Pouch Purse
This cute carry all case would be super cute for carrying your digital camara and a few other goodies.

GetReadySetGo Blog

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PoleStar Jewelry said...

thank you for featuring me! I love rachel's upcycled bags as well. I have a vintage train case just like that one! Well, minus the art. It is the same mustard color too.

Joansie said...

Interesting items. I received one of those vintage luggage case for my high school graduation from a relative. Yikes!!! I'm vintage!!!

Kathi said...

The case Is lovely. I've had my eye on one In her shop for a while. Thanks for sharing these great finds..Kathi