6 by 6

Ok, Ms Amy has tagged me! And let me tell you, I find it sooooo funny that the 6th picture in my 6th folder, just happens to be pictures of some of the very first pouches I made for her.


"the mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the sixth image in your sixth image folder, and then tag another six people to do the same."

Michelle at Moxylyn
Dennice at Fringe
Charlotte at BizzieLizzie
Joansie at Knittingbytheocean
Jen at Polestarjewelry
Cheryl at Allthesethings


ThePeachTree said...

Hahaha!! Look at how cute the are! I remember when you first showed me these :) I was in looooove.

Cheryl said...

how cool was that?! I'll get mine up as quick as I can!

moxylyn said...

I'm confused. 6th image in 6th folder? Where would I find a 6th folder? I think I need guidance :(