Sandstone Ripple

Here is an updated picture of the Sandstone Ripple.
It is getting really big now and it is harder to get a picture of it.
It is laying across my Queen size bed.
This is a new set of dishcloths.


Julia said...

So fresh and sunny! By the way, I love the bumblebees!

Joansie said...

You've done a lot on the afghan and it looks wonderful. Like Julia, I love the bumblebees and the look of your site.

Cheryl said...

that ripple will soon be growing, growing, grown!

Love those colors in the cloths.

P and J Crafts said...

Everything is so pretty! I love the colors!

When you have time, an award is waiting for you on my blog. www.pandjcrafts.etsy.com


P and J Crafts said...

Well, I messed up and gave you my Etsy address instead of my blog. :-P