Busy Week

This is our Pear Tree. It is blooming allready. :)
We have had a very busy week so far. Kyra started softball practice on tuesday. We are looking forward to the start of the Season.(March 28th is opening day) Eric has track practice after school everyday. He had his second track meet last night. Unfortunatly he came in last place in his race. But on the good side of it, he improved his previous time by 30 seconds. So I really see this as very positive. Sean left for Fla Wed night. He is going to see Mickey Mouse!
As well as most of his 8th grade class. I am sure they are having a lot of fun.
Yesterday we found out that Sean is 1 of 9 students at the Middle School that were picked to go to Highland School of Tecnology. We are very excited about this. Not only was Sean picked, but Seans best friend as well. (Who we happen to be very close friends with the whole family) The kids have to maintain good grades in school, have a 94% attendance rate and not get in trouble to be considered for this school. Then in the spring they pick a total of 145 students from ths county to attend.
I don't have anything to show on the crochet front. One of our strays got a hold of my hand, so I think I will not be crocheting for a few days. I was bringing something outside and the cat jumped at me. His claw went through my finger. Owww! No stitches though.


Joansie said...

Sounds like a lot of fun and exciting things going on with the kids. Enjoy!

Hope your finger feels better soon.

Cheryl said...

oh! pray it heals quickly!

congratulations to your son!

Spring blooming is something I miss. But I don't miss going through the cold winter to get there!