Laundry Day ???

Our Clothsline.
This picture was actully taken yesterday. A lot of our snow has allready melted and turned into an icy mess. I don't think I will be able to hang the cloths out to dry for a few days atleast. LOL! Its still quite cold out there right now. But we will be in the 70's by the weekend. Isn't it crazy how the weather can change so quickly? We did enjoy the snow here though. But I will be glad when it is gone and things get back to normal here. Everything shuts down around here, and there is never any milk and bread left in the stores. As soon as the weather man mentions snow, everyone runs to the store.

Here are the puppies running in the snow. They were not sure what to think of the snow at all.
They were very happy when we took them back in and they didn't have the cold white stuff on there paws anymore.

Here is an updated picture of the Sandstone Ripple. I folded it in half so it would fit in the picture. With all the snow outside, I can't take my normal outside pictures. It is now 50 inches in length. So it will be done soon. (I hope) I am considering doing another one like it in simular colors.


Joansie said...

From the pictures, it sure looks pretty cold. However, the '70's sure sounds nice. We won't see that for several months yet.

Julia said...

Look at the puppies :) They seem to enjoy it!

Lenni said...

Awww! Those puppies are having an awesome time! Ahh... To have that sort of energy again. :)

Jill L said...

I was just telling my husband to hang my new clothline -- too funny! The pups are getting big!