Lots of Pretty Colors

Crocheted Dishcloths
Made with 100% Cotton yarn
Each of these dishcloths measure approx 7 inches square
Face Scrubbies
Made with 100% cotton yarn
Each of these scrubbies measure 3 inches square

Bath and Body Puffs
Made with 100% cotton yarn
The bath puffs measure approx 12 inches around
This is the big order that I have been working on. I still have more things to make to finish it before shipping. I need to make 2 more bath puffs,(one is not pictured) 7 more dishcloths and 1 more face scrubbie.
I am hoping to have this finished soon so that I can finish up some other projects I have. Its just a little more difficult now that the weather is nice . Over the weekend we bought 6 Azalia's, 3 white and 3 pink, 2 Japenese Bushes, and one Rose tree. I will get some pictures of those later.


Joansie said...

It's fantastic that your sales are doing so well. Be sure to post those pictures of the flowers.

Cheryl said...

can't wait to see them either!