New Bushes Planted

It was hard to get pictures yesterday of the newly planted bushes. This one is one of my white Azalia's . this is planted next to my Fishermens hook that holds the bird feeders.
This is my pink Azalia.

One of the Boxwood Junipers

Here is both of my Boxwood Junipers and our Evergreen Tree. The Evergreen has been there for around 2 years and it is still Tiny. But it really has doubled in size since we first planted it.

Fiesta Bath and Shower Pouf.
My most recent finished item. :) I love the fun and bright colors in this one.
It is Peaches and Cream in Fiesta Ombre


ThePeachTree said...

They're so sweet! And I love the new puff :) Reminds me of Crayons!

Joansie said...

I love azaleas...those and rhododendrums.

I agree.....really like that puff!