Ripple Afghan, Noah, and Sean

I have been workign right along on my ripple afghan. I am finishing up the last row of Aran now and then I will be adding Rose Pink next. I am really enjoying the way this afghan is looking. After the Rose pink color is added I have a pale yellow and frosty green color to add. Then I will be repeating those colors. When I finish this afghan I will be starting on a granny stripe afghan. I think I will try and use up more of my scrap yarn I have all over the place. :)
Yesterday was Seans last full day at school for this year. He was pretty tired when he got home and fell asleep. He has 2 more half days and this year is finished.

This is Noah. We adopted him about a month or so ago. He has been a lot of fun. Loves to play.
And has shredded several toys allready. If you look closly in the corner is one of his toys he had just tore apart.


Joansie said...

Sean looks so sweet. My daughter has a dog like yours. He is the funniest dog, loves to sleep, hates to exercise and loves to eat!

Jill L said...

School is hard work!