This year has been a tough year for the team as a whole, but they have played hard and good. :)
Kyra has improved so much. She is now hitting the ball more regularly. This weekend is the tournaments and the end of the regular season for softball. We sure will miss the games. I made a lot of great friends with the team parents this year. Will hopfully see them again next year. :)
Oh! And if you didn't notice, my daughter decided to change her hair color. So for her 13th birthday we let her get it dyed. She picked out a really nice dark brown color. She loves it. What is funny is when we went to church after it was done........ One of our friends was looking all over the place for Kyra. (She was there) She came up and asked us where was Kyra, and when I pointed her out, she was quite surprised. LOL! She said, I thought that was someone new here.
So far everyone seems to like her hair. It did take a little getting used to at first.

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