Ok here is where I am now. I just finished off the pink. But now I am thinking about changing it up. Not the color sequence........ But instead of having a traditional ripple that goes across.... I was thinking about flipping it. I would add a border that would make the edges straight.

 Here is a picture of it flipped the other way. It still pretty much fits my bed.  I am thinking if I do flip it, I would add a white border to it.

  Ok, flipped it back again. Choices!! I actully like it both ways. If I leave it like this I will still need to add several more rows.

  Ok last view of it being flipped again. LOL! If I leave it this way, I won't need to add any more rows. Just need the pretty border to finish it off.

 Have a wonderful day everyone


Joansie said...

I vote for "side to side"...lol.

summerfete said...

Ooh choices!
Anything for an easy life heh?

I am rippling too, which I keep adding to.

I was thinking of a border, though I'm not sure yet?

Its lovely either way!