Here is the latest on one of my ripples I have been working on. In this picture I have it laying across my bed.
I have only added a couple of rows to it.
From here it looks to be halfway done. Yay! Would really like to finish this one up soon.

Here is my progress on the Monster Scrappy. :) I just started with a dark green. You can barly see it in the upper right corner there. The color before that was tan. I am still really happy with this one. And I can't wait till I get it finished and can use it on the bed.

Here is the Summers Dream Round Ripple. Although the colors I used really do not represent summertime. :) I have a little bit of the tan left from the Monster Scrappy so I will be adding that color next.
Today when I went to pick up Seans prescription I saw this pretty plant. So I brought it home with me. I think it will look great hanging up in the Livingroom.

Kyra after a long day at school. LOL! Guess the early mornings finally caught up with her.

And Noah..... Out like a light and snoring away. LOL!

Have a great evening everyone!!!


Real Life Reslers said...

I have one of those plants in my living room! I don't know what it's called anymore but it can survive ANYTHING. Forgot to water it for a week? Still green. Left the curtains shut while you went away for a few days? Still alive! I love this plant.


Very beautiful your works.

Clara said...

You have lots of projects on the go. I'm really loving the monster scrap one.

Joansie said...

You've made a lot of progress on that ripple. Looks great!

Posy Linda said...

That ripple is moving along nicely. It's fun to be able to work on different things. Have a wonderful week!