Sunshiny Hot Day

Monster Scrappy Granny Stripe

I have done some more work on the Granny Stripe. I was originally planning to add a pale yellow next. But I found a lighter shade of green and decided to add that color next instead. And so long as I don't change my mind again, I will be adding a dark blue next. I still have a long way to go before this will be big enough for my bed. :)

Mr Noah relaxing....

Its been hot out this week. I was hoping with Earl coming by that it would help to cool things down. I hope that everyone enjoys there holiday weekend. I will be heading to the Apple Festivil with a friend tomorrow. Looking forward to a day out. :)

Have a wonderful day everyone


Hazel said...

Fantastic! It grows so quickly. x

Clara said...

Oooh, it's coming along nicely. Earl is just on it's way out here.

Joansie said...

Hope you had a fun time at the apple festival. Our apple festivals don't come around till October.