A visitor

 Look at who came for a visit. I found him hanging around my patio door a couple days ago. Eww, he hung around for most of the day. And when I got up the next morning he was gone.

 Here is another view of him. I didn't know what he was at first. But found out later it is a yellow garden spider.

 It is cooling off around here now. And its quite cloudy today. Looks like we will be getting some rain soon.
These pictures are from the front Lawn.

 And here are a couple pictures of Kyra's shawl. I have had to rip it out a few times allready. But I think I have a good start on it now. I am trying to write it down as I go and maybe later I will have a pattern to go with it. I am using a WW yarn for it. The part in the picture will be at the neckline. I am going to widen it a little at a time as the length gets longer. I will add the hooded part on at the end. And I am thinking about making some ties for the top part.  Kyra saw another one she likes that has buttons on the front so I may have to make another one if this one works out.


Clara said...

It's looking good.

crazymotheringchick said...

Eek! at the spider.

Ah, lovely so far... at the shawl. Looking forward to seeing more of that.

PussDaddy said...

I wonder where that spider went? Oh look! It's on your neck! Hahahaha.


Real Life Reslers said...


wait! not the shawl, I'm talkin about the spider!