Fiber Friday- A couple little projects.

 I made up a couple more pumpkins in some non traditional colors. Looking at this picture though, the colors make them look more like apples. Hmmm! I think I need to keep working on these. Maybe I can make up a little basket of fruits and veggies. That would be neat. :) I have not been following a pattern on these so they don't all come out exactly the same. The rose one is made with Red Heart yarn in Cafe brown, Paddy Green and Light Raspberry. The green one, I used what was left from the hat. It is Loops and Threads in Fern Greeen, Red Heart in Cafe Brown and Paddy Green

 I also finished off another set of Dishcloths. I used my own pattern for these. 
I used peaches and cream cotton in Bright Navey, Burgandy,Ecru and Cranberry Blues.
These are a for a friend from church. :)

And lastly, here is Sean! FINALLY was able to get another photo of him. He really dislikes me taking pictures. LOL! I picked up a new craft to try out. It is a knitting Loom. I think I need to go back and get one of the round ones. :) He is working on the start of a scarf in this picture. :)

I am joining in a new Linky today. YAY! If you would like to join as well ..... you can find Fiber Fridays and Visions of Sugar Plums

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!


Beth said...

Thank you for posting to Fibers on Friday! I think your "pumpkins" would look darling in a little fruit bowl. And YAY for Sean!!!

Have a great day!

Joansie said...

You are amassing a crocheted fruit basket!!! Looks great!

Real Life Reslers said...

Who cares if they look like apples they are still awesome. I just can't get over the rate at which you churn projects out. Way to go you!

Donene said...

Cute pumpkins! and fun colors!

Clara said...

These are great.