WIP Wednesday

Remember this?  I hadn't worked on it for awhile, so I wasn't showing any pictures.
I finally added several more rounds too it. Once I finish with this green I am going to add
a soft white, and then some of the darker colrs again. I have plans to give this one as a Christmas gift to someone in my family.

Here is the Monster Scrappy..... I didn't get too much done on it. But I still wanted to show a picture of the progress. I have been working on pumpkins and fall colored items the last week. :)  Looking at this picture  with the ends hanging out reminds me..... I still have to weave those things in. Yuck!!!

And one last photo... Kyra all dressed up for Nerd day. :)
She had a great time at school except for the kids snapping her suspenders. LOL!

Have a great day everyone


Joansie said...

Wow! Love that first project.

Kyra looks like she is so much fun. Beautiful girl!

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Melissa! Love BOTH your afghans! I've never tried a round ripple, and would LOVE to "one of these days"!! Love the picture of Kyra too. Is it Spirit Week?? It is here too!.. Reading back some, I loved the "Pat" hat! Really CUTE!!!.. I'm now a follower! Nice to meet you, and I look forward to visiting again! ~tina

Tami Klockau said...

I love the round ripple! I have it on my ravelry queue (or one like it) to start for my next blanket. It looks great!

Martie said...

Those are very pretty! Love the colors. Do you have trouble with your round ripple ruffling in the middle? I've made several and it seems no matter what I do it ripples or ruffles in the center.

Nice to meet your through MA's WIP!

Marie Anne said...

I've been working on dishcloths this week and have a few other things to finish, but I think I'll start a round ripple or star soon. I think that would make an awesome lap blanket for one of the guys at the VA.

Thanks for hooking up with WIP Wednesday!