WIP Wednesday

Its Back!! LOL! I picked up the monster scrappy again. :) The latest addition is a grey color. I am finally in the home stretch now with this one. YAY!!!!

This picture is my attempt at trying to show you how close I am getting to the pillowcases at the head of the bed. :)

I am also sharing a picture of the Round Ripple. It is now finally finished. YAY!!!

 Its raining outside today. So a good day to continue working on the Monster Scrappy afghan.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!


Joansie said...

Lots of great progress!

Marie Anne said...

Still love them both. The colors are great!

Thanks for hooking up with WIP Wednesday!

Susie M said...

Love your determination on your blanket! Isn't it amazing how many UFO's we all have sometimes? Keep up the good work, the end is near, lol!

crazymotheringchick said...

Oh, the round ripple turned out very nice.

I love that monster scrappy. Isn't it fabulous how those Granny Stripes can look so different, just depending on how you do the color?

Great job!