Hello Monday!

 I know it has been awhile. It has been a tough week. Glad to finally be starting a new week. :)
I have not been spending much time on any of my crochet projects this past week. So above you can see a small amount of progress on the the Crazy Scraps Afghan. :) Not really sure how much bigger I will be making this one.
 I have picked up the Monster Afghan again, but no pictures to share yet. It is almost done. YAY!!!!!
We could really use it now as the temps have dropped. We have been dropping into the upper 20's lows 30's at night time. Although rumer is..... 70's during the day by midweek. Can we all say Cold and Flu Season. LOL! I can see it coming now. We are all going to catch a cold with these changes.

Took this picture of a tree outside my front window. The tree looked so pretty with all of its red leaves.
Over the weekend, the wind picked up and the leaves are pretty much gone. :( Its time to get out there and rake up the leaves. And we sure do have a lot of them to rake up. :)

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!


Joansie said...

Love the "Crazy Scraps" especially the last rows.

Hope you have a better week, Melissa.

Clara said...

It looks done with that pretty last row.