Hello Again :)

 The Holidays are over, the kids are back in school... Life is getting back to normal again. Or not :)
I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

We had a White Christmas here this year. It is the first one we have had here in 60 years according to the news.  It was beautiful.  :) It only lasted a few days before it melted all away.
Here is my latest finished project. This ripple afghan is for my daughter. She is always trying to take the afghans that I have been working on for others. So, I am surprising her with one of her own. :)

Another view of Kyra's afghan. :)

This afghan has been a thorn in my side for months. I had to restart it soooooo many times because it just wasn't quite right. I am so happy to finally have it done now.

   Ok, so back to trying to dry out my carpet... We had a flood yesterday. What an awful day it was.... So glad it is over and we have a fresh new start today. I guess the good thing about the flood... The carpet is now getting cleaned. LOL!

 Have a wonderful day everyone!


Lenni said...

Lovely work!

Clara said...

Just beautiful! Too bad about the flood but you are taking it like a real trooper!