A few more projects

A cupcake Bunny cake! :)
I made these cupcakes recently for a dinner at church. The kids loved it. :)

Breeze Ripple Afghan
I am always starting up new projects. LOL! Above is a new ripple afghan.

Sugarplum Ripple

And yes here is yet another ripple afghan.

I still have my Round Ripple afghan to work on as well. But I havn't done any work on that one latly. I need to though. I would like to get it finished so I can give it as a gift to someone. :)

We recently had some really bad storms come through NC. Here is a picture of some of the hail we received. We were fortunate that we had no damage here with the storms that came through last weekend.
The hail picture is from the storm that we had come through two weeks ago.  Today is looking like it will be a beautiful day in the 80's....... And they are telling us we have another round of storms coming in this week. Seems like it is going to be a bad year for spring storms.


Beansieleigh said...

Oh my gosh, I just made a bunny cake for the ladies' monthly meeting at the church, and it was a big hit!.. But I've never seen a cupcakes Bunny before!! That is SO CUTE! ~tina

Joan Murray said...

That's a really cool verigated for the sugarplum afghan. What is it? Sometimes in the store I look at them, and it's impossible to tell what they're gonna look like crocheted out.