Hello Rainy Day!

It has been a cloudy and rainy day today. The rain has come off and on all day. A really nice day after all the high heat we have been dealing with. Was near 100 most of the week. Too hot to really be outside.

A recent project. Just a regular granny square afghan. Love making these from time to time.

I am making another one simular to this one. Only I am using grey and yellow in place of the pink/ mauve in this one.

 We have had a really hot summer so far. How about everyone else?


Joansie said...

Love the pink/mauve colorway...one of my favorites.

Very rainy summer until last week when we had nice warm weather. It's already beginning to feel like fall...sigh!

Nik Kamisah said...

your ripple Afghan is fantastic..also hope to do it one day