Finished My Round ripple!

I have finished another Round Ripple afghan. These are so much fun to make. This one was done in shades of blue and white.This one is 74 inches.

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find it for sale here


KnicKnac said...

WOW! Those colors really make the ripple stand out, how GORGEOUS is that???

Carol Thomas said...

Your round ripple is absolutely fantastic!!!!!

is your round ripple the 12 point one??

Thank you for your sweet compliment also!!!
I am going to add your link to my blog, if that's ok!!!

Carol Thomas said...

Another thing, are you crocheting the Rose Bower bedspread???

I just love that one!!

crygibb said...

That is gorgeous. I want one of those.

Carol Thomas said...

I hope you had a happy valentine's day!!
I just had to look at your round ripple again, it's so pretty!!
your round ripple gave me the inspiration to start one today!!!