Gumdrops and Ripples

I have been busy again. I worked up a couple of Gumdops for Diane of Stormy's Crochet. These little guys are so cute and easy to make. I had a lot of fun. Here is the mouse and pig.

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Ihave also startd another Round ripple afghan. This one I am making with my new Graydog crohet hook. The hook was a gift from my Secret Buddy at C'ville. I am also using yarn that she sent me for this ripple afghan.

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I am also working on some other projects, but they are a secret. I don't want to give myself away.

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Carol Thomas said...

Hi Melissa
Thank you for your sweet compliment.
I like your round ripple, & love the colors..
Which pattern are you using??
& where are you attaching your new color of yarn at?? the reason I'm asking is because I had a problem with the pattern I was using, so I'm using Lynn's round ripple pattern. I changed the place that I attached the new yarn to, just before the valley. if you know a better way, please let me know, I could use some tips!!!