Crochet Butterfly Square and more on the round ripple

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I started o Kyra's Butterfly afghan today. It is pretty cute so far. I am making the background purple to match her room. The original pattern calls for black as the background.
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I am also working on my scrap round ripple. I work on that one when my daughter is around. I don't want her to see the butterfly afghan before her birthday. :)

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CarolT~aka~Cat said...

I like your round ripple, you did a good job on it, & I like the colors you used!!

Lea said...

The butterfly afghan is just beautiful... what a sweet little gift for your daughter!

Diane said...

I am doing this same afghan! It is for my DD who also changed some of the colors to suit her. Yours looks great! Have fun doing it.


Heather Klehm said...

Hi is there a pattern for the butterfly square and is it free? I know this is an old post!