First Tomato

Yay! We have our first tomato. It is really small right now and green..... But still pretty exciting. Hopefully there will be plenty more tomatos soon.
It has been pretty hot here today. So we are planning to spend the afternoon indoors. (91+ out there today)
I plan to work on some more small projects before I get started on a new big project. I havn't decided what big project I would like to do though. I am thinking about a new afghan or a new shawl.


Lauren Alexander said...

Yowza! That is pretty toasty :-) That tomato is adorable!

Angie said...

My tomatoes are still only a few inches high. I need to get a spot ready to plant them. Homegrown tomatoes are my favorite thing in summer!

ThePeachTree said...

He looks so handsome :)