Rainy Afternoon

It has been a cloudy day here all day. The rain finally started just in time to cancel Kyra's Softball game. :(
Hopefully they can reschedule it soon. Her team is doing really well this year. They have only had two losses. They are leading there league. Unfortunatly the season is almost over. I have no idea what we will do once she is done. We are so use to going to games 2-3 days a week and practice 1-2 times a week. She has learned a lot this year with her wonderful coaches. :)

I have been really busy finishing up some projects. I can't believe how quickly someone can get backed up on things. :)
This is my Blue Floral Potholder I just finished.

Here are some pouchs that I am making for Amy of The PeachTree at Etsy. She uses these pouches to put her jewlery in when mailing to customers. :) These little pouches have been fun to make since we do them up in tons of different colors. :)

I am still working on Robins afghan, but I don't have a new picture to post today. I will hopefully have a new picture sometime this weekend. It is over halfway done now. Yay :)

I have made a 2nd organic cotton dishcloth. :) I love working with the organic cotton. It is really soft. I havn't had any problems working with it. And it works up really nice. I will be buying more organic cotton now that I know I like it. :)


ThePeachTree said...

I love the new colors!! I hope Kyra can get back up and running soon :) Darn that rain!

Crochetheaven said...

Hey you! Where have you been hiding! I thought I lost you. lol Question, where would I find organic cotton? Sounds like it is nice to work with.