"Seven Random Irrelevant Things about Me".

Hmmmm! Seven, I really need to come up with 7 of them???

1- I used to show Shelties in the AKC.

2- I grew up a City girl, and now live out in the country. We absolutly love the quiet here. :)

3-When I was in High School, I bleached my hair blond. Umm well kind of orange since I am naturly a dark brown.

4-I love to draw for fun. Some of the things I draw are Disney Characters and Horses.

5- My favorite bird is the Cardinal.

6- I have a huge collection of Ty Beanie Babies. Oh my gosh!! I can't believe I said that.....

7- My favorite colors are Orange,purple and Red. I must be strange. LOL! But I just love those colors. :)

And Yay, now I get to tag somebody else.

Carols Crochet
Needle in the Haystack

Princess Tiffany

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ThePeachTree said...

I cannot believe you outed your beanie baby collection!! Great 7 :)