Feeling Hot ?

With each passing day, it gets hotter here. We are suppose to hit 100 by Sunday. Phew!!! Someone please turn the air back on. Atleast bring it back down to the mid to low 80's.
Today was the last day of school here. So the kids are home for the summer now. No more early mornings for awhile. :) But now to keep them all entertained and busy. With it being this hot right now, we are holding off on setting up the camper out back. We did pick up the slip N Slide today. It is a double so they can race and slide. Looks like fun to me. :)
Kyra won some awards at school today. She won perfect Attendance, A/B honor roll and The Presidents Education Award.

The cute red hat in the picture is made with 100% cotton yarn. the flower is removable. It is currantly avaliable in my Etsy shop.


BeadedTail said...

What a cute hat! Your shop is full of great items! Congrats on your daughter's awards!

Joansie said...

The hat is absolutely adorable.

Congrats on all the awards your daughter received. You must be so proud!

ThePeachTree said...

They better make room for Peach on that slip n slide!! I don't think our roof could handle one of those ;)

Just-Jennfu said...

Mid 80's is smoking hot here but I don't even know how I would cope with 100!

Oh and I really like that hat, and awesome that the flower is attachable/detachable, more options that way.