Where did that come from?

It was 100 degrees out there. And then bam! A storm blew up. It was here fast and gone fast.
It took down a huge branch of one of our Bradford Pear trees. Luckily as you can see the bird house did survive. Our entire driveway is littered with branches from the trees here. Luckily nothing hit our house.
I had some cloths out on our clothsline. The storm blew up so fast I never had a chance to go get them. Believe it or not, they are still hanging on the line.
The good part about this storm is that it cooled it off out there. It is only in the upper 80's now.


ThePeachTree said...

Isn't that amazing that it can take down a whole branch but the little bird house is just sitting there as sweet as can be!!

Joansie said...

It's still steamy today in Vermont. I actually welcome going to work and being in the AC instead of being confined to the bedroom at home as it is the only room with AC.

2kute said...

very hot here too... and humid. Is fall here yet?