Kyra's first braclet and Day 9

Kyra has made her first braclet. She has decided she would like to try and make some jewlery. The beads she used all came from different places on Etsy. We didn't have any clasps for her this time, so we just tied this one together. I think she did a great job on her first try.
We hit 90 here again today. and it is looking like another hot one for tomorrow, then hopefully some rain over the weekend, which will hopefully help cool it down.


Crochet Goddess said...

Hi very pretty braclet. You are right it is hot, hot, hot in NC. I finally got my garden planted and of course it stopped raining and hit the 90's.

Jill L said...

Cute -- hot here is California too!

ThePeachTree said...

I'm so glad that you posted a picture! I can't wait to see what she makes next :)