Baby Afghan, Peaches Pouches, Update on Hannah

Neapolitan Afghan

Here is an updated picture of the baby afghan. I switched it over to a round version. :) It is a little over halfway done now.

Peaches Pouches

These are more of the Pouches I am making for Amy. She uses a lot of them. :)

And now for Hannah. Its looking more likely that she will go East of us. We will still get some storms and rain from her, but nothing as serious as first thought. Right now she is still a tropical storm, but they expect she will be a cat 1 hurricane soon.Next on the list is Ike..... But they aren't really sure where he will be heading. A possable hit on Fla or if we are all lucky he will just turn and head back out into the Atlantic. Currant status on Ike is that he is a cat 4.


ThePeachTree said...

You're cruising with that afghan lady! that's great!

And my pouches always look so cute on their photoshoots :)

I saw that about the cat 4! Yeesh!

Julia said...

I've received a number of your excellent pouches :) Via Ms Peach!

That afghan looks loverly!

Lenni said...

Beautiful work, as always. :)

And I'm hoping Hannah won't be headed your way.