Pouches, Christmas,weather,etc

I have been working on some new pouches for Amy over at The Peach Tree
Its hard to believe that Christmas is only 6 weeks away. I need to get busy and finish up any of my projects that I want to give for Christmas. How is everyone else doing for Christmas? Are you ready?
I can't say what I am making in case they happen to run across my blog and find out what it is I am making.
The weather has been cooler here over the last week. All of our pretty leaves are falling. My two Maple trees are now bare.:( Was fun watching the pretty colors while they were here. But now the kids are enjoying the leaves on the ground. :)


ThePeachTree said...

Isn't it?? I feel like I was just shocked beyond believe that they were playing Christmas music right after Halloween. Now look where we are :)

Julia said...

SIX WEEKS? Are you kidding? I really need to get a move on! These little pouches look so cute!

MySweetThree said...

Those pouches are adorable! I twittered(?) you about how your treasury was on the FP, did you see? I was happy for you! I feel like Christmas is sneaking up fast..it always happens like that!