Cold, Cold Cold!!

Someone has seriously pulled the plug on the heat here! No joke on that one either. We had noticed a huge increase in our electric bill, and the house was just not that warm. (The bill had tripeled from the previous month) So we called the Electric company to see if we could figure out what was wrong. We had just had our furnace seviced 2 months ago. They came out to look and guess what we found???? A hole in the door to get under the house. A cat had gotten in there and pulled down the duct work for the heat pump. So while we were freezing in the house, there were cats bathing in the heat under the house. Litterally, it was 70 degrees under the house. No wonder the floors have been so warm latly. Well, we fixed that hole, and the duct work. YAY! It is now nice and comfortable in the house. I am soo glad it is fixed now too as we are suppose to drop down to 5 degrees tonight. And that is not normal for us here. Way too cold for me. hope everyone else is staying nice and warm.
I finished the Toffee Lacy scarf. It is 3.5 inches wide and 59 inches long. I havn't decided what color I would like to do next yet. Before I get started on that, I have about 5 more orders to finish up in my shop. I am hoping to have them all done and ready to go on Tuesday. :)


Jill L said...

Cats are sneaky things -- glad you are warm and tasty now!

Joansie said...

The scarf is gorgeous and I love the colorway.

Triple the electric bill...yikes! Electric company threatened to disconnect me unless I paid my bill. They were applying my payments to someone else's account. So to apologize, they gave me a $25 credit which means yarn money...lol.