The Heart Truth!

I hope that everyone is able to find something red to wear.
As a member of a family with many heart problems, it is important to me to be wearing red.
Show your support of heart disease. Wear something Red today :)


Joansie said...

Thanks for reminding everyone, Melissa. Heart disease is the biggest killer of women in the U.S. Unfortunately, though I remembered, I did not wear red today as I am going to a funeral and didn't feel the color was appropriate.

Cheryl said...

The non-profit I work with has our office area right next to our county rep... she's a busy lady right now!

beautiful work!

Jill L said...

Great projects Melissa. I love theheart as my last name is "Love". Thanks too, about the heart disease reminder!

freshpursuit said...

Wow..the heart is sooo beautiful....n i luv ur web page 2...how did u do it?