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This is a picture of some new pouches for Amy. she uses these pouches to send out her jewlery in. Its also a great way for me to use up the smaller pieces of cotton yarn that I have leftover from making dishcloths and other things.
Here are some new dishcloths I have been working on. There will be some new colors in my shop soon. I have many more colors to use as well. :)

Here are some facial scrubbies. These work great for washing your face. And I love the way they feel compared to the paper ones you can buy at the store.

Here is the most recent photo of the Sandstone Ripple. I am really happy with this color.

And here is a ripple scaft that I have just made. This one came out rather short since I had allready used part of the yarn for another project. So my plans are to find a shawl pin to hold it on. :) I am hoping to find a nice Vintage one in black or gold.


Joansie said...

Great way to use up your leftover yarn.

I really like the red scarf and if you wear on Valentine's day, you will really be in style! Romni Designs has beautiful stick pins and I think she's having a sale right now.

how to crochet said...

Way to crochet these pouches is really fantastic. Crochet is really a art which know is richer ;)

how to crohchet

ThePeachTree said...

You've been BUSY!!!