New items finished

This is a new item that will be in my shop soon. I am calling them Counter Top Scrubbers.
These cloths are perfect for cleaning off the counter tops. This set was made in a spring pastel mix and a mint green
This is a new set of dishcloths done in a new style from my regular dishcloths. This set is also done in a pretty shades of spring color.

These are some new pouches for Amy. :)
(Hope you like the colors. :) )

And here is another new item coming to my shop soon. This is a Carnation Pot Scrubber.
Made with 100% cotton. These won't scratch your pots and pans.

Another shot of my new pots and pans scrubber. The little dish under it was made my Utilemud on Etsy. :)


Jennie said...

You've been seriously busy! I always love the colors you choose- I could stare at your yarn stash for hours :)

Cheryl said...

good going Melissa! and gorgeous colors as always!

PussDaddy said...

I agree, all of these are lovely.


andrea said...

aw, theyre lovely:))

moxylyn said...

These are nice! I see you have a new craftcult Etsy front page thingy too. I missed a lot while I was gone.