Knit one, purl two or something like that

While my mom was here last week she showed me how to knit. So above you see my first official finished knit piece. I know, my ends are still hanging out and its not exactly straight. But I am happy to have finally done something with knit. Thanks mom for showing me how.

Here is the start to another knit item. My mom wrote out a dishcloth pattern for me before she had to leave. I had to start over a couple of times on this one, but I think I have it now. Excpet there is a missed stitch on it allready. Thats ok though.
I am working with Peaches and Cream cotton and size 8 needles

And here we have a crazy looking pile of pouches. Well a few piles. LOL!
Over there in the top corner with the pink one on top is a stack of finished pouches. The others are just waiting for me to sew them.


ThePeachTree said...

Knit knit knit :) Looking good!!

Go Pouches GO!!

Tekoa said...

Gosh that's what I hate most about knitting...the missed stitches!! But knitted items are beautiful. Have you tried a technique of crochet called Tunisian crochet? My avatar is an afghan made using this technique which is supposedly a marriage of knitting and crocheting. It's pretty as well.

Deb said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting!

What are the crocheted pouches for?

Lenni said...

Wow! Looking good! :D

Jackie said...

You will get there, don't worry. It takes some time but soon you will be wizzing along with the knitting.