A beautiful Day

We are finally having a beautiful day! One that we aren't in the upper 90's and low 100's. So I was able to spend some time outside and get a few new photos. This photo here is our Creepe Myrtle Tree.The blooms on it are so pretty. We also have a white one that I did not get photos of.

Here is another photo of the Creepe Myrtle. Although aiming the camara into the sun made for a blurry photo.

  I finally figured out that we have a Pear Tree. We had originally thought it was an Apple Tree. But we were wrong.  The Pears are getting to be a good size now and taste really good. I picked my first one yesterday and grabbed another one this afternoon while I was outside.

Yum!Sweet Pears!

  This tree is right next to the Pear Tree. I am not sure what it is.

This plant has seen some better days. I was actully surprised to see a little bud on it again.

  I found this under one of the bigger trees. Looks rather ugly......

And since I was outside, I thought I would get a shot of Lucky.

 No new updated pictures of my ripple afghan today. I did add a few more rows to it since the last picture I posted. I have alsoe started up another one in some more bold/bright colors. This one will not be as big as the other one is. I will post pictures of it when I have made some more progress on it. And I will be posting more pictures of the other ripple afghan soon as well.

Have a great day everyone!

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Real Life Reslers said...

Beautiful pictures. It's awesome that you have a pear tree. My neighbor has a few apple trees that she couldn't get all picked last year. The apples layed on the ground and started to rot. Then we noticed squirrels that were eating the apples were acting crazy and lazy. We think the apples fermented and they were drunk LoL