Fun Ripple Update and Bold/Bright Ripple :)

So here we are.. A new picture of my fun colors ripple. This one is now halfway done. :) I will be so happy when it is finally finished. When this one is finished I will be selling it in my Etsy shop. :)

And here we have the newest ripple. This is my bold and bright ripple. I like the way these colors work together and make a statement at the same time. :) After the blue, I added some more white. I will be repeating the pattern once I finish with the white.

Here is a closer shot of the bold and bright ripple :)

I am hoping to have both afghans done by the end of Aug.The kids go back to school the 3rd week of Aug, so I will have more time to get things done when they are in school. Its hard to believe our summer break is almost over.


Shropshire Suz said...

Thanks Melissa good luck with your yard when you get to it...having so much fun with ours so far
Hugs Suz x

The Oxford Family said...

Pretty colors!

Hazel said...

They are both stunning!