We have been having a really great time at VBS this week. I have been helping out with the crafts and the kids have enjoyed them so much. They will be taking home some really cute things this year. My two favorite crafts so far have been the Cricket sticks and the Bandana Necklaces. So cute :) Tonight they will be making some Memory Verse books. :)
Here is My Sean.... He is always makign some type of a face. LOL! He dosn't really like getting his picture taken. But, I love taking pictures so I am always catching some funny and crazy photos of him.

And here is Ms. Kyra.... She on the other hand, loves to have her picture taken. She has her own digital camara and is always taking pictures of herself.... She turned 13 this year, so we have another teenager in the house. And boy does she let you know she is a teen now.......

And finally here is a project that Kyra is working on. She is making her very own afghan. She is doing really good so far. :)

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Joansie said...

Great-looking kids. Oh, pictures at that age are so much fun to look back on once they are grown.